Words are not enough to show our gratitude to Tracy Vasconcelos.

When we first contacted Tracy we were apprehensive, uncertain, and really need some guidance. Tracy took the bull by the horns and helped us to make some big financial decisions. Throughout the process, our confidence grew, and we knew that Tracy was going to be able to put us in an improved financial situation. We were debating between selling and purchasing a new home or refinancing. Gary is self-employed so that always seems to make these things more challenging, but Tracy made the process so much easier. In the end, we decided with Tracy to refinance with a one-year term.

Tracy will be working with us over the year to keep us on track with our financial goals and to help us with our next financial decisions. The difference with Tracy is that she does not just make a mortgage deal and then end the relationship. She offers her support and expertise for the long term.

This is a service that I have not seen offered by any other mortgage agent through either a broker or a bank. I am so excited to continue working with Tracy in the future.

Samantha and Gary H.

A Huge ‘Thank You’ to Our Outstanding Mortgage Broker – Tracy Vasconcelos

We wish to express our sincere and utter gratitude to our Mortgage Broker, Ms. Tracy Vasconcelos, for all the wonderful support, guidance, seamless communications, and overall securement of a Mortgage with TD – which helped us downsize and make things so much easier for us!

In a time when Covid-19 gave us so many challenges in 2020, where we had to make tough choices, including needing to sell our new home we had just purchased a year prior, with Tracy’s support (no matter what time of day or night), her knowledge, her wonderful personality, her care, and overall dealings with our needs, etc., we managed to purchase our new ‘Mini-Dream’ home and now love stress free!

We thank you – Tracy – You are a gem and clearly a wonderful asset to the company you represent! We are so happy and proud to know you and will recommend our friends and family to obtain your services when they require them!

Jules & Bernie G